How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back?

So She Finished with You?

Not fun. I feel for you :-/

Breaking up is deeply painful.

So what happens now?

Well, maybe now would be a good time to learn some simple rules about women?

The stuff most guys either don't know, or ignore?

Besides... this could help you win her back if you want that. No pressure, though.

Don't Be Wet

I don't want to be crass. But?

Only lesbians and men like pussy.

So as a man, you can't afford to be one.

Be careful who you appeal to...

Get your balls together. Cut out the weak play so you can attract what you WANT to be attracted to (girls.)

Stay True to Who You Are

Women don't know what they want.

Therefore don't expect her to know what you want! They change their mind like the weather.

So if she thinks she knows what's best for you? Don't believe it.

It is YOU who's gotta do what's best for you.


It is you who must decide what that is.

Because if you let a girl decide for you? She will make you less attractive to all the women around you, including herself (!)


Then they tell you, "I'm sorry, I am just not feeling the same about you any more..."

Girls are MAD

Mysterious // Alluring // Demanding

If you want to get her back, but have no clue what to do and fear you are pushing her away...

Take a step back.

Then search online for Michael Fulmer, relationship consultant. He runs — go follow his advice.

I'm Outta Time

More to follow...